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Presentation Software

Presentation Software | Examples
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At some point, almost everyone has to give a presentation about something to someone somewhere. You might have the best idea in the world, but if you can't talk about it to people, it won't go anywhere. Studies have shown that people fear speaking in front of groups more than shark attacks! (ok, I sort of made that up, but we all know it's true!) Fortunately you are not alone, and help is on the way. Computer programs called "presentation software" make the speaking process a lot easier by providing a visual aide that can show text, graphics, videos, charts, audio and other media with a few simple clicks. Probably the hardest part of any presentation is deciding what to talk about! I can't help you with that... but I can show you some good resources that will help you develop a good slide show to back up your content.

There's no time like the present to start learning how to do it well!

Required Reading

Good Routines for Slide Shows - University of Helsinki
A nice overview of what can be done with presentation software.


How to Use Google Presentation (video)
A short overview of how to use the program

Google Docs Presentation Help
A great resources for questions about using Google Docs Presentation software.

Effective Design Tips & Ideas

Presentation Zen - What is Good Powerpoint Design?
Some design tips and tricks to take into consideration when putting together your slides.

Powerpoint - Good or Bad?
Are all slideshows created equal? I think not!

Top Ten Tips
Short and sweet... tips that will make your presentations shine!

The "Lessig Method"
An interesting and innovative way to capture your audience's attention.


Presentation Software | Examples
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Last Updated: Monday, 25-Mar-2013